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Furnished double bedroom


Furnished double bedroom
Furnished double bedroom
Furnished double bedroom
Furnished double bedroom
Furnished double bedroom
Furnished double bedroom
Furnished double bedroom
Furnished double bedroom
Furnished double bedroom
Furnished double bedroom

Ref: LKBG023.01
Category: Double Room
Available From: 01-03-2023
Room Type: Double Bed
Floor Number: 1
Private area: 15 m2
Price: 950€
Residents: 6
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Double Bed

The bedroom

This bedroom is located on the first floor in a great house in Wemerskirch, with a double bed. The bedroom is very comfortable, fully furnished and decorated for one person. The bedroom is equipped with at least a bed, a nightstand, a desk, a desk lamp, a comfortable chair, a wardrobe and a entrance pack. With a east solar exposition and a street view.


The house

The house is fully furnished and has a kitchen with a fridge with freezer, a dishwasher, a microwave, a coffee machine, an oven and a fridge. Vitroceramic  cooker as well as all cooking utensils. In the bathroom you will have towels, hair dryer, shampoo, soap. On the laundry room you have a washing machine and dryer at your disposal.

There are 2 bathrooms shared with other tenants, as well as to the fully equipped kitchen and laundry facilities for washing and drying.  On sunny days, you have a BBQ and chairs in the garden.


WEIMERSKIRCH quiet, family and multicultural neighborhood

Located on a hill, Weimerskirch has a calm and village feel. There are still some very residential streets such as la Rue du Soleil or la Rue des Sources.

Architectural style : two storey houses and more recent buildings spread out around the church and going up to Kirchberg.

With a cultural centre « Am Duerf », shops and not being not far from Dommeldange train station, this neighbourhood has an interesting strategic location.

This multicultural district is a nice place to live. It has green space such as Kuebebierg, and a cycle path connecting it to the national cycle path network starting in Pfaffenthal heading to Dommeldange.


Bus stations near Weimerskirch:

Weimerskirch, Knupp -> 1 min walk

Weimerskirch, Mäertesbuer -> 4 min walk

Eich, Centre Culturel -> 6 min walk

Eich, Eecher Plaz -> 8 min walk

Dommeldange, Contournement -> 8 min walk

Dommeldange, Gare Routière -> 9 min walk

Eich, Eecher Klinick -> 11 min walk


Train stations near Weimerskirch:

Dommeldange, Gare -> 10 min walk


Light Rail stations near Weimerskirch:

Kirchberg, Rout Bréck-Pafendall -> 23 min walk


Bus lines to Weimerskirch:

4 -> Leudelange, Gemeng

25 -> Dommeldange, Gare Routière

78 -> Merl, Geesseknäppchen (S)

81 -> Eich, Eecher Plaz

30 -> Kirchberg, Réimerwee

3 -> Howald, C.I.P.A.

21 -> Kirchberg, Luxexpo Entrée Sud

23 -> Bonnevoie, Lycée Technique De Bonnevoie/Quais

10 -> Bertrange, Belle Etoile

11 -> Bertrange, Belle Etoile

26 -> Kirchberg, Rehazenter Parking

32 -> Kirchberg, Prince Félix

71 -> Merl, Geesseknäppchen (S)

100 -> Limpertsberg, Theater (Bus)

101 -> Limpertsberg, L.T.C.

103 -> Junglinster, Lënster Lycée (Llj)

113 -> Limpertsberg, L.T.C.

284 -> Steinsel, Michel Rodange Plaz

286 -> Hünsdorf, Eglise

750 -> Steinsel, Zone Industrielle


Location Location

Latitude 49.626669
Longitude 6.137365
23, Rue de Kirchberg, L-1858 Luxembourg (Weimerskirch)
Zipcode L-1858